Suits can either be formal or casual wear, depending on the accessories you wear with them and the manner in which you wear them. Suits are wardrobe staples for every man. You can wear one to work, to attend a wedding, to an evening dinner date, and more. Unfortunately, a lot of men wear suits the wrong way. Some think that as long as the suit fits them, then they are ready to go. That is just not the case. Fit is the most vital aspect of wearing a suit. The fit can make or break the whole look. If you want your suits to fit you perfectly, you can go for made to measure suits that are created using your specific body measurements and made by a bespoke tailor. Avoid these mistakes when wearing a suit.

Trousers are too long

The hems of your trousers should not bunch up on top of your shoes. They should sit right on your ankles or the tops of your shoes when you are standing up. There should be no bunching of any kind, no matter how small it is.

Too long or too short jacket sleeves

Wear a suit jacket with too-long sleeves, and you will look sloppy. Wear one with too-short sleeves, and you will like you outgrew your outfit by several years. A jacket’s sleeves should fall squarely below your wrists when your arms are straight and relaxed. Anything longer than that and people will assume you borrowed it from a taller person.

Too long or too short jacket

The same goes for the length of your jacket. It should only be as long as your wrist when you are standing straight. Anything longer or shorter than that and you will undoubtedly ruin the whole ensemble, regardless of how good the suit fabric is.

Dirty shoes

Dirty shoes are a big no-no! Always shine your shoes to perfection before you go out of the house. It only takes a couple of minutes to wipe your shoes of dirt, mud and dust.

Mismatched socks

Unless you are deliberately making your ensemble look funky and funny, never wear inappropriate socks – coloured, printed or with funny designs. The colour of your socks should match the colour of your trousers. It’s that simple.

Get rid of the backpack

A lot of men prefer carrying a backpack to work while wearing a suit. It is one of the easiest ways to ruin an otherwise dapper outfit. Should you need to bring a bag, opt for something that you can carry in your hands. Doing so will not wrinkle your suit jacket and will make you look more polished than carrying a backpack.

With this list, you can dodge some common errors men make when sporting suits. As soon as you recognize you are doing something wrong, correcting these mistakes will make people start noticing how different you appear and how more polished looking you are.