Have you ever noticed all the places that you see a music box? There have been a number of different movies throughout the years where music boxes appear, and they cover all different styles, designs, and types of boxes. Some people think that the only kinds of movies where they show music boxes are horror films. Although it might seem this way, this is not true. Not only this, but music boxes actually have an incredibly long and rich history.

Music Boxes In Horror Movies:

You may remember the music box from the movie, The Conjuring. One of the stars would open the box and play the music and when it stopped, she could see the ghost in the mirror on the top of the box. We have also seen music boxes in horror movies like Silence of the Lambs, House of Dark Shadows, and The Watcher in the Woods.

Obviously, all of these are meant to be scary and they use the music box as a prop to help induce this feeling in the audience. We have been sort of conditioned now to expect that when we see such a music box in the movies, something scary or bad is about to happen. Some of the actual boxes are really quite beautiful and unique when you stop to take a closer look at them. It is rather unfortunate that our culture has now come to associate older and more unique music boxes as something liked with ghosts and fear.

Music Boxes In Other Types Of Movies:

Fortunately, there are also a number of movies that use music boxes in a much more positive fashion. For example, do you remember the movie Miss Potter? There is an incredible scene where a music box is actually used as a part of a romance between Ewan McGregor and Renee Zellweger. The movie Time and Again also uses a music box in a rather unique fashion, controlling reality with the ability to shift to alternate or parallel worlds each time it is paid.

There have been a lot of older movies that also seem to have featured music boxes in more positive situations. Look up Somewhere in Time and Chitty Chittty Bang Bang. Also, do not forget the classic musical hit, Going My Way. Even a classic western like For a Few Dollars More has featured a music box. The classic Russian story of Anastasia also uses a music box.

Music Boxes To Help With Memory:

A new type of music box has also been created just a few years ago by a design graduate that actually helps dementia sufferers to remember. Inside the box, there are all types of RFID-embedded objects that actually played related musical tracks when they are moved to certain positions inside the box. There has been a lot of research suggesting that music memory is retained in dementia sufferers and it might be possible to trigger other linked memories.

Music Boxes & Collecting:

Music boxes date back to at least the time of the Renaissance, perhaps even earlier. Ever since the music box has first appeared in culture and history, people have been collecting them. If you ever have the chance to take a look at a collection that has boxes from various points in history, you are in for a real treat and can actually take a look at a visual history of the objects themselves.

Written by Boris Muchnik of Music Box Attic.