While it was once seen as an unusual way to meet new people, online dating has become one of the world’s most popular methods of finding a new partner and developing meaningful relationships with others. But with so many people opting to sign up to dating sites in the hope of finding Mr or Mrs Right, how can you make your profile stand out? Here are our top online dating profile tips to make your personal CV a success…


Put a Recent Picture On Your Profile


One of the most important things to do when you set up your online dating profile is to add a recent picture of you. This not only helps give people an idea of what you look like, but also makes you appear more trustworthy to others, rather than offering a blurry photo or an out of date snap from the nineties! If you’d like to, ask a friend or two to help you take some new pictures, as they will be able to help you pick a flattering outfit, advise you on how to pose and help you relax in front of the camera.


Put Some Effort Into Your Profile


As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression, so when you’re filling out your profile, remember to be fun, witty and engaging. After all, if you’re bored while writing your profile, then the chances are that it’ll be boring to read as well. So, make your personality shine through; talk about who you are, what you like and if you have any specific interests that others might find interesting. For example, if you like films, mention your three favourite movies of all time: you’ll be amazed at how this can help people relate to you.


Don’t be Negative


No one likes talking to negative people, so why would you write negative things on your online dating profile? Be open, honest and positive about your life; mention your greatest achievement, your proudest moment, and discuss your outlook on life. If your profile is simply a list of the things that you are not, and what you’re not looking for from the dating site you have chosen, then it will make other users move on to the next person.


Use Spell check


Have you ever read the dating profile of someone who can’t spell, or who insists on using text speak? If you have, then you’ll know it can be very off-putting. Take the time to answer the questions on your dating profile using a word processor, such as Microsoft Word, and proof read everything you’ve written so that you know it makes sense. If you find writing difficult, ask a trusted friend to read over your answers for you.

Jumping into the world of online dating can seem scary, but it can also be great fun and armed with these tips, you can really get the most out of your experience. Good luck!