If you have made the difficult decision to have an abortion, then you need to go straight to an abortion clinic. You must go somewhere that will treat you with respect and compassion and they usually offer a range of services that you may need to access. Let’s take a look at some of the services they offer.

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The Abortion Pill and Medical Abortion

Medical abortion can usually be delivered in the first few weeks of pregnancy by administering medication. This is the preferred method as it is the least invasive of all. It can only be delivered up to eight weeks after the last menstrual period, however, so it is important to get their quickly. If unsuccessful, an in-clinic abortion will have to be performed instead.

In-Clinic Abortion

If the abortion takes place in the second trimester, or if a medical abortion does not work, an in-clinic option will be needed. Here, you will stay in the clinic and will be properly looked after before, during and after the procedure itself. This type of abortion is minimally invasive and very few risks are associated with it. However, it is important to have it done properly, so that all tissue is removed. After about two weeks, you will need to come back for a follow up appointment where it will be checked whether the procedure was fully successful.

Moring After Pill

This is known to be the best emergency contraceptive of all. If you believe that you may have fallen pregnant during intercourse, you have between 72 hours and five days to take this pill. Most women prefer this method as the side effects are minimal, particularly in comparison to other emergency contraceptives.


An abortion is an emotionally taxing process. The guilt of terminating a pregnancy, the stigma attached to it and the shock of being pregnant in the first place all take their toll. It is vital, therefore, that women accept the offer of counseling for abortion, both before and after the procedure itself. Counseling is perhaps one of the most important services offered by the clinic itself, as it will stop women from starting to feel remorseful about what they have done. Additionally, counseling is vital to make sure that a woman has the right motivation for terminating the pregnancy in the first place.


Finally, women will generally be offered contraception after they have had an abortion. This will ensure that they do not risk falling pregnant again. Most types of contraception are offered, including intra uterine devices (IUDs), the diaphragm, hormonal pills, condoms, cervical caps, female condoms and spermicides. During counseling, the method of contraception that is most suitable to you will be discussed. It is also important that you inform your regular health care provider about the type of contraceptive that you chose, as they will need to ensure it remains up to date.

As you can see, abortion clinics provide a number of vital services for women who are in very difficult situations.