People who are morbidly obese tend not to have a love life either, or at least not a physical one. This has been confirmed by various social studies as well. This isn’t, however, about whether or not someone who is obese can get a date, while it is certainly true that they find it more difficult. Unfortunately, we live in a judgmental society and only very few will look past the exterior. Additionally, the mainstream media tells us that obesity is wrong and all of this leads to a very unsuccessful love life.

However, even if someone who is obese has a significant other, be that someone they met before they became obese, someone who is also obese, or one of those rare people who really doesn’t care about looks, their physical love life faces many difficulties. The reality is that it is hard to keep a love life interesting and romantic when one party at least is morbidly obese. It is physically uncomfortable, for starters, and most obese people also have associated health conditions that stop them from engaging in any kind of proper physical activity.

After Bariatric Surgery

There are many different bariatric procedures available nowadays and very few people address the effects these have on someone’s love life. The reality is that you will quickly start noticing people complimenting you on your appearance once you start losing weight. This is something that takes a bit of time to get used to. Most people who are obese have spent years being hurt and afraid of rejection, and they often don’t know how to deal with these new compliments.

It is important that you stop yourself from being a closed book. You must find a way to push yourself forward and not rely on others to do that for you anymore. You have a long and difficult road of recovery ahead of you, but if you can do that by yourself, you will have all the more to be proud about. It is not arrogant to have an ego boost.

Then, there are the physical changes. As a woman, you will notice that the drop in body fat leads to a rise in sexual desires. These are feelings you may not have experienced in a long time, if ever, and it can be very overwhelming. These feelings are caused by the estrogen that your fat cells are suddenly releasing into your bloodstream.

Of course, when you lose weight, you will suddenly be able to move more, something that you will want to do. Sex is physical and means you can move a lot. However, you have to understand that you will have substantial loose skin and you have to take that into consideration. The most important thing, however, is that you don’t let your loose skin hold you back. This goes for men and women alike. Perhaps you can have cosmetic surgery, or perhaps you will have to learn to live with it.