When you enter beauty school, you probably have certain beauty industry career ideas in mind such as working as a hairdresser in a salon or becoming a makeup artist for weddings and other events. But there are many other career opportunities available to you, whether you go into a specialty in the beauty field or use your broader beauty degree a little differently than normal. Check out these beauty careers that tend to be overlooked but could be rewarding. 

Help With Corporate Videos

Just as the actors need to look their best for movies and television shows, they do for corporate videos and commercials as well. Just think of all the actors you see on television commercials, infomercials and corporate videos online. These actors need their hair and makeup done to look right in front of the camera, and you can help.

Get a Specialty in Beauty Technology

If you’re a forward-thinker who is interested in technology, you could become specialized in certain beauty treatments. One option is electrolysis to get rid of unwanted hair. Another example is resurfacing people’s skin with the use of a Pixel laser. There are many beauty treatments that rely on technology to improve skin, fight signs of aging and provide other beauty-enhancing benefits. You would most likely provide these kinds of treatments at a medical spa. If you want to get into technological specialties, it might be a good idea or you might be required to start with training through an esthetician school in San Diego to learn about skin care, and then go into the specialty.

Educate Others in the Beauty Industry

When you go to school for beauty, you probably plan to apply what you’ve learned directly on clients, whether you’re working on their hair, makeup, skin or nails. But if you enjoy guiding and inspiring other people, you might want to look into a career as an instructor at a beauty school. Nonetheless, to be a teacher, you will generally need to go to extra schooling for teaching and to get in some hands-on experience in the field before you start teaching. That time will only make you a better teacher!

Offer Makeup to a Different Kind of Client

When you go to beauty school to become a makeup artist, you probably imagine beautifying women for their weddings, for movies and for other happy and exciting occasions. But there’s another option open to you if your personality could work with it. Cosmetologists are able to make their way into the career of a mortuary makeup artist. This career is about applying makeup and providing other body care services, such as skin care, to people who have died to get them ready for their funeral or wake. This option is actually a good career move, as there is plenty of work and this type of cosmetologist tends to make more money every year than their counterparts. 

Work in Beauty Products

Instead of actually applying products to clients as a service, you can work with the beauty products themselves as a career. There are endless opportunities open to you in this field. You could work at a beauty product company in various capacities, you could sell products for yourself or others, or you could develop the products from the beginning. One interesting career option is a platform artist, who goes to trade shows and introduces new trends and products. 

There are many out-of-the-box beauty careers available to people who have gone to beauty school. If you’re thinking about a career in beauty or going through beauty school now, be sure to look into all of your options and think about what would fit your personality before you decide on a salon.